Tips For Following Your Dreams (F.Y.D.)
There are two main ingredients you must have in order to follow and achieve your dreams.
The first is PASSION.
To what degree do you want to experience your dreams come true? Following and achieving your dreams requires you to be “all-in” – 300 percent! If after reading that last line you’re still excited, then “flame – on”.
However, some people have regretfully stopped. They were faced with such things as: obstacles, challenges, fears, lack of support, discouragement, financial straits, having no one believe in them neither in their dreams. There are many reasons to throw in the towel and allow your dream to be buried and die. But here’s what those who refuse and resist anything or anyone that would prevent them from achieving their dreams discover. The only thing that can truly stop you is “you”- it’s a mental fight of “you” being willing to do whatever it takes (playing by high standards, of course!) to pursue and attain your dreams. I believe deep down inside of the most seemingly “passionless” person there is a reservoir of passion yearning to be tapped into – to be drawn up to the surface and lived to the fullest.
If you want to follow your dreams, it’s not too late. It’s never too late! Every person who has accomplished any change – in themselves, in their business, in their neighborhood, or in their relationships – has experienced setbacks. They’ve experience times when it looked like and felt like their dreams would never materialize. In fact, a lot of successful people who followed their dreams and are now living them to the fullest have failed more times than they succeeded! Every person who ever did anything to make the world a better place has been rejected, criticized and felt like giving up. Every person who has made a difference in anyone’s life has been misunderstood, been taken advantaged of, or called names.
But what do they all have in common with me[you], you ask? Humanity! It’s natural and normal to experience struggles, failures, and ‘zero’. But it’s also just as natural and normal to dream and achieve those dreams as well.
Dream again! You can do it – you have the right, permission, support and encouragement to DREAM AGAIN! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
It doesn’t matter who says you’re crazy, that it won’t work, or that you don’t have what it takes. Here’s a Boost- Just START! Read this blog again and again, write me, and be happy that you don’t have to live this life with your dream deferred!
It’s PASSION TIME!! Follow your dreams, achieve, and LIVE them!
I’m living proof that PASSION is in you!
I remember when I lost my passion to follow my dreams I felt so lost and incomplete. It was like all of life was meaningless and gray, nothing made sense and nothing made me happy any more. I was dull, and desperate, my passion was gone and I could hardly see the light at the end of, what I called then, this dismal existence of mine.
But miracles do happen and getting my passion back is one of them!
Passion is a deep, unshakable, heartfelt, intense desire with a highly expectant and excited drive to Achieve! When it is directly associated with Following Your Dreams there is no substitute for PASSION.
Our second main ingredient is all about having the Right Attitude.
If you ever want to become truly unstoppable at achieving something in life, my advice is to ‘Keep The Right Attitude’. The right attitude will make you stand out in the crowd of doubt. The right attitude will cause you to see more than the glass half full or half empty. When you possess the right attitude you will be grateful for what’s in the glass! It will help you appreciate the glass itself! It’s a critical change in perspective.
The right attitude comes at a price. There will be many opportunities to become pessimistic, skeptical, resentful, or jealous. Choose to take the high road – you can and must do it. It’s going to make you a better person, guaranteed!
How you see yourself internally and externally is a reflection of your attitude. Having the right attitude is being comfortable with yourself. You must know that you are one of a kind – special, loved, and significant. You must also want to see others do well, have as much as you want for yourself and even more for them. You must respect yourself and all people. Think the best, speak the best, and strive to be better than you were yesterday – everyday. You must not allow society, issues, trends, stereotypes, myths, ignorance, or personal weaknesses to overshadow your shine.
People are attracted to people who exude the right attitude! When I was working for a small petroleum company some years ago, there was a guy who had been there for over 20 years. He knew what to do, when to do it and how it needed to be done for different businesses. We installed tank monitoring systems and worked on some oil and gasoline tanks that were 20,0000 gallons or more. He conducted his assigned duties and completed everything with professionalism. He never needed to re-do work and never did any customer complain about his service. However, clients did ask for him – and he got along with all our co-workers, bosses and clients.
He always had the right attitude on the job. He did not believe in short cuts or negative talk. He promoted watching out for each other’s safety. If anyone needed help he would help without complaint. He was the same in our private conversations as he was with the boss, coworkers, clients and the public. His right attitude spoke volumes about his character and you could count on him to do what he said. I remember one day he said to me, “We are helping people stay safe and feeding our families. We have jobs and we need to make the most out of every situation and take advantage of all the good fitting opportunities that come our way.”
Now how about that for an example of having the right attitude! Use the above tips, principles and decision making skills to begin develop or keep a RIGHT ATTITUDE.
Ever watched a cheerful and confident athlete when the game is tied? Observe what happens with only 5 seconds left, as they get passed the ball or puck. Everyone watching can just about predict who’s going to win – and you know what happens, right? That cheerful and confident athlete ends up winning the game and the fans go bonkers! Put the game (assignment, decision, job, etc.) in any person’s hands that has the RIGHT ATTITUDE and You Will Win!

See it – Like…

People are going to be non polite sometimes, but be courteous all the time.

You won’t feel professional every single day -but You are a professional example of how to be.

Loving what you do is a blessing- liking it is a choice.

Being mediocre is a reflection of disgust.

All you can do is – All you are responsible to do!

If You can do Better – Do Better!

Why should You beat yourself up, When Life Will?

Overcoming Obstacles is why you are faced with them- What are you going to do with yours?

Life is no Free Sure Escape – Its Performing in spite of.

Nobody Owes Me Nothing – So I work For What I want to Achieve!

When I thought I could not, When I felt I would not, Then I said I would not make it!

Guess What???

I Did!!!

Somehow I made it.

And Lived To tell About it.

Been down and out in BitterVille,

Walked alone, cold and depressed.

Sat and Slept on a Park Bench,

Gave up More Than Once or Twice,

Looked For Ways Out of Reality,

But I was Taught To Be Brave.

Be Inquisitive.

Be Hopeful.

Look Up, And Whatever you do,

Get Better- Don’t allow Yourself to Drown;

Desperate, Uncertain and In Fear.

Pierce the Pear of Peer Pressure-

Come my child – Now –

Then and Here –

It’s Time To Get It Together!

Gather, Muster, Clamp Your Fist, Grit Your Teeth

– Breathe-

This ain’t Nothing New.

What you’ve been through

What you’re going through

– I got news for you-

Somebody else is Right at this Moment – Is Going Through!

Stuck is not an Option – Get to Stepping –

This is How We Learn Lessons – Stop Seeking Hand-outs –

What you pouting For?

All the Potential is Yours!

Young – Sprite – Middle Age – Elderly – You Still Can Decide

To Use Direct Insist Protect Develop Expand Further And Farther.

Please, It’s Not Meant to Bother, Just To Build

An Unstoppable Responsible Accountable –


So ask Yourself After All I have and Have not am I any Better?

My Choice My stand is I’m Always gonna Be Better, Much Better, Never Bitter.


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