About Kevin

Kevin-A.-BurnsEven as a child, resilience and the ability to recover were hard earned lessons for Kevin. At 12, a fire destroyed all that he had accumulated for 2 years as a young entrepreneur. That fire left him standing there with nothing but the clothes on his back. Kevin recalls looking into his mom’s eyes and asking, “What are we going to do? Everything is gone – my clothes, school books, food, and my money. Mom, all my money is gone…”

His mom looked him in the eyes and said, “Don’t worry, we’re going to get it all back!”

His mother’s words gave him hope and assurance about his future. Kevin watched his mother navigate through hard times, deal with disappointments, and accept losses with extraordinary confidence. She showed Kevin how to  respond to life’s unforeseen circumstances and keep getting better in all ways. Kevin says, “I’m no stranger to negatives, I just keep adding positives until they became what I want in life.”

Having overcome being labeled as a two-time drop out, run-ins with identity crises, bad choices, rejection, and a car accident that nearly left him crippled for life – Kevin is a survivor.  After several  years, he decided to go back to school and earn his first degree in Business Administration. He then worked for a few years before again returning to school to earn his second degree in Business, Management and Finance.

Kevin found a way to use his experiences to become Better, Never Bitter™.  He attributes much of his success and triumphs to simply believing what his mother told him – “We’re going to get it all back!” When his life was demolished and he was standing on the sidewalk with nothing left except the clothes on his back.  Kevin got it all back! Stability, a new home, a job, new appreciation for life, new hopes and new dreams. You can get it all back too!

Kevin utilizes his unique brand of  applying practical principles, strategies, and creative tools to bring about change, growth and productivity on every level. Any arena – private or public sectors, as well as profit and nonprofit organizations can benefit from the heartfelt and first hand experiences Kevin shares.